Winpinator – file transfer tool for Windows

Winpinator is an unofficial Windows port of a Linux file transfer tool called Warpinator. It provides all features of its Linux equivalent, however, Windows uses its own filesystem called NTFS and is generally architecturally different, hence Winpinator has to emulate some Linux features, like permission system. Winpinator should work out-of-the-box, it makes use of zeroconf networking, i.e. mDNS protocol, but some firewall settings might prevent it from communicating with the rest of the network.

The main goal of the project was to create a tool that provides native Windows look-and-feel, so the interface uses default system skin and supports drag-and-drop.

Used libraries

  • wxWidgets - as a general framework, to provide native Windows look-and-feel
  • gRPC and protobuf - to support the protocol of official Warpinator
  • sodium - to encrypt and decrypt RSA keys with the symmetric group key
  • openssl - to generate safe PEM keys
  • sqlite3 - to store persistent data, e.g. transfer history
  • zlib - to support transfer compression (one of the newer features of Warpinator)
  • wintoast - to display toast notifications
  • cpp-base64 - to convert binary keys to text and vice versa


Winpinator is currently available in English and Polish.

Your help is needed! If you want to help translating Winpinator to your language, please read the localization guidelines, available at


To download the latest version of Winpinator, go to downloads page.